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Call Playback: #:(605) 313 4162 ACCESS CODE: 618201

This Conference Call replay covers Small Business Sales Strategies

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You can listen to a replay of the April 10th Doing Business with PennDOT class by Clicking HERE.

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The US Department of Transportaiton- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created a checklist for the required documents you are required to have for an inspection

Bulletin 15 is a listing of manufacturers, fabricators, coaters and precasters of prequalified materials that are eligible for use on Department construction projects. The purpose of Bulletin 15 is to provide contractors, consultants, Department personnel, manufacturers, suppliers, and others with easy access to a complete and accurate listing of qualified products and their approved uses. If you are a manufacturer you want your products listed here. 

Read PennDOT’s Publication 35 for a thorough description of the product list, eligibility, restrictions, and requirements: 
PA Publication #35 – Bulletin 15 Overview

Review Bulletin 15:
Bulletin 15 – Qualified Products List for Construction

Use this form as a cover to your OHR submission.
OHR Submission Cover

If you need to change your email, address or other contact information in ECMS, please contact Melanie Richardson at PennDOT at 717-705-1501

PennDOT requires the Prime and subcontractor to have an onsite Bulletin Board. The Project Bulletin Board Checklist identifies the required postings for both State and Federal funded projects.

Download and print for your records:
Project Bulletin Board Checklist

Overview of business requirements to work with PennDOT.
Doing Business with PennDOT: PUB 4

Information explaining the requirements and process for completing an application for approval of a PennDOT’s ECMS Overhead Rate.

Consultant Overhead Information

This conference call provides information on how to build teams, and how to approach the problems you will face in your projects

You can listen to the conference call HERE

The DBE SSC publishes a list of DBE contract awards quarterly.  For additional information and/or specific project numbers, please contact the DBE SSC.

Q1-2019 SubContract Awards Support

This PowerPoint explains the steps towards Doing Business with PennDOT
Doing Business with PennDOT

This video presentation provides instructions and tips for navigating ECMS

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Complete this form for all Executives in your company.
Executive Compensation Worksheet

This link will take you to the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s webpage for Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition. It is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Department of Transportation.

e-CFR Title 49: Transportation, Part 26

This video series discusses ways to impact the character and culture of your business by changing how you relate and communicate with other people

You can watch the videos HERE

The official publication of the Associated Pennsylvania Contractors.  The Winter issue can be read by Clicking HERE

If the product is for use on roadway or bridge construction projects, it is a potential candidate for the Product Evaluation Application process and may get listed in Bulletin 15, Qualified Products List for Construction. Read this document for more information.

This presentation covers what you need to do in order to become a registered PennDOT Business Partner, and get you GPRID

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BPRID Powerpoint File

Download this Excel worksheet for instructions on how to compute your overhead rate.
Overhead Rate Calculation Instructions

This webinar will give teach you about generating leads by using Social Media

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If you are looking for Legal or financial assistance, these agencies are all ones we would refer you to.
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Complete this form for all Executives in your company.

2017 National Compensation Matrix

An explanation of the Overhead Rate Pro-Forma.
Overhead Rate Pro-Forma

Learn more about this PennDOT work classification code, eligibility requirements, and guidelines for a contractor.
Conditional Pre-Qualification

In part 2 of the CS-4300 (08/2014): Organization and Experience Statement of the New Subcontractor Application, references are requested on page 7. This document provides a detailed explanation of what information is required to complete the reference

Find out more about the Federal Highway Administration’s Innovation of the month
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Learn more about this PennDOT work classification code, eligibility requirements, and guidelines for a pre-qualified contractor, working as a subcontractor.
ECMS Provisional Pre-qualification For Subcontractors

On March 18th, PennDOT will be implementing a new bidding system on ECMS.  You can read more about it in chapter 11 of Pub 637

Click HERE to read Pub 637

This document walks you through the process of registering as a supplier in the PA Supplier Portal for the Department of General Services

Click Here- Registering as a Supplier

Are you having issues receiving payments from your Prime?

1. Contact the Prime that you are working with but follow-up with an email that details your discussion and send a copy to

2. If you are not happy with the response or the issue is not resolved, contact the Assistant District Executive at the PennDOT District Office with a copy to

3. If your problem continues unresolved: Follow the directions below to find and download the attached form.  Complete page 1 and forward to the Assistant District Executive with a copy to

Click HERE to download the CS-111 Payment Monitoring Form

These are the slides that were used for a presentation on Tax Considerations for Small Business, given at a previous Supportive Services Conference.  Topics covered include determining if your company needs an accountant, record keeping, reporting income, and more

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These slides come from a presentation on WordPress and Website development.  Learn how to design a great website for your company, and how to build and maintain a website on the WordPress platform

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